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Lakshadweep Beaches

In Lakshadweep there are only a few areas where can play a vital role in generating income, employment and over all development of islands. Recognizing this vast tourism potential, a humble beginning was made in the year 1974 and one of the uninhabited Island Bangaram was opened for International Tourism.

Marine Life in Lakshadweep

With 36 coral islands, Lakshadweep marine life is the most unique and distinctive island treasure found in India. The lagoons located at the Kadmat Island and Bangaram islands are home to a spectacular and unexplored world of marine life. Popularly known as the diver's haunt, the pure exotic beauty of soft and hard coral of Lakshadweep islands provides an invitation to must visit this island beach paradise.

Shell Treasure of Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Islands present a unique wilderness experience on both land and sea. Beside the marine life, the one thing that can lure for the tropical beach island destination of Lakshadweep is the shells that are as exquisite and beautiful as the island itself. So how about choosing these islands as your next beach travel destination!

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Agatti Island:

Agatti Island of Lakshadweep is a having an airstrip where all planes land in Lakshadweep Island. The emerald green idyllic palm clad islands of Agatti Island; the long white beaches of this Island of Lakshadweep; the multi-hued shallow, placid lagoon with its myriad life forms; the diamond surf formed by waves striking the reef and the deep blue of the Arabian sea are all feasts to the eye and an experience that will last a lifetime  More ..

Bangaram Island:

Bangaram Island of Lakshadweep is very near by Kavaratti Island and Agatti Island and this Island known for its alluring beach and also for the bioluminescent plankton that are deposited on the beach at high tide which make the beach glow with a blue light at night. The Island of Bangaram is also known for its birds and as an exclusive destination for luxury travelers More ..

Kadmat Island:

Kadmat Island of Lakshadweep is just 8 Km long and 550 m wide at the broadest point. This Island of Lakshadweep is surrounded on the eastern and western side by the lagoon; Kadmat is the ideal haven of solitude. This Island of Kadmat is mainly known for its pristine beaches, lagoons and scuba diving facilities  More ..

Minicoy Island:
Minicoy Island of Lakshadweep has many alluring beaches with facilities for tourists including bathing huts, changing rooms and water sports arrangements. Other popular attractions of Minicoy Beach of Lakshadweep are a lighthouse which is 300 feet tall, the lava dance and the races between local boats called ‘Jahadhoni  More ..
Kavaratti Island:
Kavaratti Island of Lakshadweep is the capital of Lakshadweep Island. Island of Kavaratti has a lovely beach where one can enjoy both relaxation and sunbath. 52 mosques are spread out over the Island including the most beautiful Ujra mosque. This mosque has an ornately carved ceiling believed to be carved from a piece of driftwood   More ..

How to reach there. :-

By Air :-
You can take Indian Airline’s flight from Kochi (in Kerala) to Agatti island which takes around one hour. These flights are available everyday except Sundays. You can also take flight from Goa which is available thrice a week.

By Sea :-
We took the sea route. The ship MV Tipu Sultan took us there in 20 hours which had many daylight hours, letting us enjoy the “the old man and the sea” moments. We were lucky enough to have glimpse of the flying fishes and even saw a hammer head. Ships like MV Bharat Seema, MV Amindivi and MV Minicoy also operate between Cochin and Lakshadweep

Permit : -
Permit to visit Lakshadweep can be obtained from the Lakshadweep tourist office in Kochi.

Imp:- only two islands are open to non – Indians, Bangram and Kadmat. Bangram permit for non-Indians takes 4-5 days whereas Kadmat takes longer as its permit comes directly from the Home ministry. Picking up coral is a punishable crime. Alcohol is permitted only on Bangram.

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