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Alibaug Beach

Alibag beach is totally pollution free. Trees move through and fro giving fresh air which a fresh feeling. Walking on the sandy beach is quite pheasant, the waves bring the water close to your feet and because of this one can't resist himself from entering the water.

Alibaug Beach is slowly but surely turning into a tourist attraction,As the name suggest this place was built in name of Ali Shah bawa whose mazhar is there in the center of the town, Ali Baug of the "Garden of Ali" is haveing a beautiful sea shore. at present the goverment has built a Very good plaform, So that the tourist can enjoy the sea water, take bath even when it is full tide, there is a economy lodge, by neme of PIcnic Cottage offering tourist for facalty for day or night Stay. or place for bathing season is winter and summer. You can come here by road ways via goa road, or by sea way from mumbai,

Alibaug is a sleepy little town made up of a large number of beaches and little hamlets all a few kilometers away from each other. You can choose to stay at any of the resorts there or rent out bungalows which available on a daily basis. Here is a low down of the beaches of Alibaug and what makes them special.

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The Alibaug beach itself is a small walk from the Alibaug bus depot. This charming beach is a sight for sore eyes, with its proud coconut trees swaying in the breeze and the great sea glistening in the light of the gorgeous blue skies above. Those who like a hint of adventure can wade out to the Kulaba fort, 1- 2 km off the shore of this marvelous beach. You can do this only during low tide because during high tide, you can only access this fort by boat. Do keep this in mind when you plan the time you visit this fort, and also make sure that you return back to shore before the low tide runs out.

Akshi Beach

is a mere 5 km from Alibaug on the Alibaug -Revdanda road and will take you about 15 minutes to get there by bus. A quiet fishing village with quaint houses built right in the calming shade of the coconut grove- it is a great throw back to a quiet and peaceful time and you automatically breathe easier and just leave your worries behind. This is a quiet beach frequented only by the locals. For those who are inclined towards local literature, it might interest you to check out an old epigraph that dates back to 1012 AD.

Nagaon Beach

is situated 7 km from Alibaug and its picturesque beach is just what you need to revive your battered senses. This fishing village is not very touristy, so you can expect some solitude and plenty of fascinating sights to take in.

20 km north of Alibaug is Mandwa which is the jetty that the ferry to and from Mumbai will land. This stretch of the beach has a line of magnificent bungalows all owned by the glitterati of Mumbai. Mandwa is a lovely beach to live on if you can get a hold of one of these bungalows.

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