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Chaupati Beach

The city of Mumbai is famous for its varied and beautiful beaches. Amongst all these, the Chowpatty beach is undoubtedly the most popular one. The beach is located at the northernmost part of the Marine Drive and is visited by scores of people everyday.

The Chowpatty beach stretches from the Malabar Hills to the Nariman Point. This beach is the favourite beach of people of all age groups, class and strata, and can be construed as the melting pot of Mumbai. It is an ideal evening escapade from the hustle and bustle of this busy and happening city. The cool breeze swishing around your face and the calm blue waters of the Arabian Sea, act nothing less than a rejuvenation of sorts, after a tiring day.

You will find many interesting things to do on the Chowpatty beach. Though it is crowded throughout the day, but you can see the true colours of the beach in the evening, when the atmosphere gears into action mode. But amidst the busy atmosphere coloured with fun and games, business and romance, you may catch glimpses of people lazing around and basking in the fading sunlight; without a care to the outside world. Also it is an ideal place for your daily dose of morning walks or jogging, where your lungs get infused with the dollops of sea breeze. At the same time, the many moods of this beach present themselves as a secluded paradise for the romantic at heart, specially during the quiet afternoon hours.

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Many small shops, eating kiosks serving bhelpuri and chaat, and joy rides for the children are strewn across the vast sandy expanse of the beach. All the foodies will love this place as it offers something for every taste bud. The most loved snack found on the beach is bhelpuri. You will find many stalls preparing delicious bhelpuri for which this beach is famous. Pav bhaji and hot pakodas are the other yummy food items found on the beach. The icing on the cake is the cold and sweet kulfi. The coconut water is the favourite drink of many frequenting this beach. You can savour all these delicacies along with sun, sand and the fading sunlight to create a memorable experience.  

The Chowpatty beach is also host to many exciting joy rides for the children, which become crowded with the onset of the evening. You will find all kinds of rides like the famous merry go round and the ferris wheels. The children simply love these rides and line up in queues, waiting for their chance on the ride. Apart from this, horse and camel rides, and monkey shows colour the ambience of the beach.

During the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, the beach has an all together different aura. Then it seems the entire Mumbai has landed on the beach. Thousands of devotees gather on the beach to bid Lord Ganesha goodbye. Idols of the Lord are immersed in the waters and the air is filled with vibrant energy and the sounds of dhols and music. The festivities here attract many tourists and locals alike. You should however keep a check on your belongings as you may find small thefts concerning wallets, etc. on the crowded beach. The beach is easily accessible from all parts of the city.

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