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Vengurla Malvan Beach

This Beach with long stretch of white sands and coconut, mango, jackfruit, and cashew trees covering hills, Vengurla lies to the south of Maharashtrian beach. One would long to visit these long stretches of white sands covering Vengurla Beach again and again. The region Vengurla has two well known temples one is Shri Devi Sateri temple and another one is Rameshwar Mandir.

Tourists can also visit the Vengurla rocks also known as Burnt Island, which is quite near to the beach. It is often mentioned in the history books as a centre for trade settlement. Between 1664 and 1812 the Vengurla was a target of attack and was twice burnt to ground. Thickly covered with palm trees this Burnt Island is an ideal place to rest in peace.

Malvan is a part of the mainland is almost hidden by palm trees. There are two forts in Malvan – Sindhudurg Fort and Padmagad Fort. Earlier there was an underground tunnel joining these forts. Like Vengurla, Malvan was also a trading centre.
Today the place Malvan is very famous for its salt pans and Chinese clay pottery. The mouthwatering cuisine of Malvan is quite different from the Konkan food.

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Vengurla is famous for its long stretch of iridescent sand, lined up with thick cashew, coconut, jackfruit and mango groves. Vengurla rocks or Burnt Islands is so near to this beach. Malvan has now become a part of the mainland. This area is thickly covered with palm trees. This place is famous for the temples of Shri Devi Sateri Temple and Rameshwar Temple as well.

Malvan was once an important center for trade, which was twice destroyed by the attacks between 1664-1812. There are two old forts at nearby Sindhudurg and Padmagad in the township of Malvan. It is believed that an underground tunnel links the two forts.

Vengurala is 514 km away from Mumbai and 200 km from Ratnagiri. Kolhapur is the nearest railhead, while tourists can also access this place through Ratnagiri, which is well connected by road. Tourists can stay in government resorts near the beach

How to Reach?

Vengurla-Malvan beach can be reached via Mumbai Goa highway.
Vengurla is 522 km from Mumbai.
 Kolhapur is the nearest railway station.
This place is also accessible from Ratnagiri.

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