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Puri  Beach

 Puri Beach of Orissa is a wonderful holiday destination of Orissa. The place is the land of beautiful temples has been very charming to the tourists from all over the country who visit in thousands every year to Puri to take in the serene beauty of the Puri beach. Puri Beach is also honeymoon couples' all time favourite.

This beach is located on the vast and exotic coastline of Orissa and at its south eastern region. However the ideal time of visiting the Puri beach is during the Annual Puri Beach Festival that takesplace in the month of November. You will be amazed to see the beach assuming the color of festivity with wonderful arts and crafts and presentation of various dance forms upholding the culture of Orissa.

The Puri beach is simply awesome when you take a stroll during the evening hours on the golden sand. The cool breeze together with the roaring sound of the waves is simply thrilling. Pilgrims from all over India visit Puri to take a dip in the holy water of the rolling waves.

The Puri beach is perfect for beach sports where you can go for swimming with the help of guides. You can also board a boat and go for a ride in the sea. The view of amazing sunrise and sunset at the horizon from the Puri beach will leave an everlasting impression in one's mind.

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The major tourist destinations of Puri are the famous Jagannath Temple and the chariot shaped Konark Temple. The beach of Puri attracts the tourists and the pilgrims alike. The pilgrims coming to Puri take a holy dip in the water of the sea.

Activities on Puri Beach
Exciting sports activities like angling, surfing and sea cruising. The beach activities of Puri are among the favorite things for the tourists to do at Puri.
Angling and fishing forms a major part of the beach sports of Puri. The fishermen and the amateurs throng the beach of Puri to catch fishes.
Swimming is one of the most exciting beach activities in Puri.
Sun bathing is one of the most favorite activities in the beach of Puri. One can see many tourists basking under the sun. Besides, the local fishermen of Puri also arrange many activities at the beach of Puri.
One can enjoy the other activities like sea cruising, boat ride in the sea etc.

How to Reach Puri Beach

By Air: Bhubaneswar serves as the most convenient entry point for traveling to Puri by air. The capital city of Orissa is linked with all the major cities of India, such as Kolkata, Delhi and Hyderabad, by direct flights.
By Rail/Train:
Regular trains operate from the railway station in the city, connecting it with almost all the major cities of Orissa as well as the rest of the country.
By Road:
Puri has a good network of roads, connecting it with the major parts of India.


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