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Tamil Nadu Beaches

Tamil Nadu beach destination is famous among the tourists. The long golden sand, the bountiful sea ends his journey and meets the land. The state of Tamil Nadu faces Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean and these water bodies give rise to various beach destination of India which are very much popular among the international tourist as well as to the domestic travelers.

All the beaches of Tamil Nadu lies on the southern tip of the country, Tamil Nadu enjoy a wonderful coastline. The sights on rising as well as setting sun can be seen from this coastal area. Along with the lively waves of beaches there are palm and casuarinas vegetation gives the green tinge to the coast line.

Major Beach Attractions
A panoramic view of the entire place from the top of an ancient Fort is in itself a mesmerizing experience. Among others, the sunlit beach, the soft shed of coconut trees and a thrilling swimming alternative in the calm waters of the sea is bound to attract the attention of any global traveler.

Among the prime places situated near Vattakottai are Kanyakumari and Thuckalay. Turned into a favorite site of picnic, today Vattakottai receives a large number of travelers who come to discover the quaint and mystique charm of the place.

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Covelong Beach

Covelong beach of Tamil Nadu lies in a picturesque village on the State Highway that joins Chennai to the temple town of Mahabalipuram. This beach of Tamil Nadu is one of the most beautiful and virgin beaches of India and adjoins a small but charming fishing village and is on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. This Tamil Nadu Beach is located at a distance of 40 km from Chennai. The beach is located on the site that was developed originally as a port by Saadat Ali, Nawab of Carnatic.  More….

Ellot's Beach

This Beach of Tamil Nadu is one of the cleanest beaches of India and is in the city of Chennai. This Beach of Tamil Nadu is located towards the south of Marina Beach and is an extremely calm and tranquil place. The beach of Tamil Nadu is known as 'Bessei' amongst the locals. As the Tamil Nadu beach does not offer much activity, it is ideal for long walks. Elliot's Beach of Tamil Nadu is quite a hit amongst both the tourists as well as the natives of Tamil Nadu More….

Kanyakumari Beach

This beach of Tamil Nadu is in the southernmost tip of India, Cape Comorin or Kanyakumari the place where tourists love to see Sangam (the confluence point) of the three seas - Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean it is also a lagoon where steps lead you into the waters to bathe at once, all merging into blue waters of a huge water body surrounding this important pilgrim center on three sides More….

 Marina Beach

Marina Beach of Tamil Nadu is the longest beach of India. Marina Beach, comprising of golden sand, good surf and a shimmering clean blue sea. This Beach of Tamil Nadu is counted among one of the longest beaches in Asia. Marina beach is located on the eastern side of Chennai, adjoining the Bay of Bengal. Watching the sun set and Sun rise from the beach is a fascinating experience More….

 Mahabalipuram Beach

Mahabalipuram Beach of Tamil Nadu is also known as Mamallapuram Beach and is on the shores of the Bay of Bengal has a coastline spanning a distance of over 20 km with beautiful beaches. This Tamil Nadu Beach is located 58km from Chennai on the Mahabalipuram road, the golden sandy beach is a picturesque place bounded by the shimmering sea and rolling hills. More….

Rameshwaram Beach

Rameshwaram Beach of Tamil Nadu is one of the most popular pilgrimage centers of South India. The sea here is also a home to rare sea species and coral reefs. Remarkable variety of marine life-algae, starfish, sea cucumber, crabs, sponges and the sea cow are found here. One may also sight some dolphins playing in the serene waters of Rameshwaram. The serene beach with shallow waters makes an ideal site for swimming and sunbathing . More….

 Muttukkadu Beach

The “Muttukkadu” Beach of Tamil Nadu is one of the most exciting and thrilling tourist destination of India. Amidst the picturesque landscape of the place, the Muttukkadu beach is known for the calm and serene backwater of the sea and the natural estuary which adds to the beauty of the place. The natural scenic beauty of the place captures the imagination of a poet. The backwaters provide an excellent view of the sunrise and sunset which attracts many local tourists as well More….

Poompuhar Beach

This Tamil Nadu Beach is also known as Kaveripoompattinam and is about 40 km from Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu. The Cauvery River drains into the Bay of Bengal at Poompuhar. Poompuhar is an ancient historic town situated in Sirkali Taluk of Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu. An archaeologist delight, Poompuhar is a town for those who like to wander amidst history and take a stroll through time. It was once a major port during the reign of Cholas More….

Tiruchendur Beach

This Beach of Tamil Nadu is 85km from Kanyakumari and the temple which lies on the shores of the sea is an inspiring sight. The surging fresh tide of the sea washing the feet of the temple is a lovely sight to behold. The sea is believed to have miraculous benefits for those who dip in it before praying at the temple More….

Velankanni Beach

Velankanni beach: This beach of Tamil Nadu is located at Tamil Nadu. Velankanni beach is 350 kilometers away from Chennai. Sobriquet name of this Tamil Nadu beach is Lourdes of the East as both the places experience a large number of pilgrims on an annual basis. There are a couple of festivals that go on in the months of August and September. These are major tourist attractions as well. A major tourist attraction of Velankanni beach is the Church of our Lady of Health More….

Vattakottai Beach .

This Tamil Nadu Beach is a solitary beach destination located in Tamil Nadu. Specially known for the 18th century citadel, the place is also called as the Vattakottai Fort. Bearing the imprints of past rulers, the granite Fort is the prime attraction of the place.Vattakottai Fort was once the dwelling ground of the Pandya rulers. With the fading streamline of a small river flowing by the side of the Fort, there are visible evidences of the existence of a canon in the ancient times. Protected by the 25-26 feet high surrounding walls, the Fort has an extension that touches the waters of the sea. More….


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